Two reasons not to leave the broken door of an empty garage unrepaired whilst you are on a long trip

If your garage door breaks just before you're about to go on a long trip, but the garage itself is empty, you might think that there is no need to have it fixed immediately, as you are not storing any items in this space that could be stolen or broken. However, garage door repairs should always be done as soon as possible after a door breaks, even in instances where the garage is not in use. Continue reading to learn about some of the things that could happen if you don't get the door fixed before you leave.

Vandals could get into the garage via its broken door

Vandals are usually always on the lookout for new places to target and tend to be drawn to spots which appear to be quiet and unoccupied, as these areas are easier for them to vandalise without being spotted and reported to the police. If a vandal who is passing through your neighbourhood during your absence notices that your garage door is visibly damaged, they might try to open it. If the damage is quite severe, it could be quite easy for them to do this.

Whilst you might think that there is very little this type of person could do to an empty garage, the reality is that they could cause a surprising amount of damage. In addition to, for example, applying graffiti to the interior walls, they could also damage any light fixtures and wall shelves in this space and leave behind a plethora of unsanitary rubbish. They may even cause further damage to the already-broken garage door, which could result in you having to dispose of it instead of getting it fixed.

More worryingly, they could inadvertently set this structure on fire by, for example, holding lit cigarettes in their hands whilst using spray paint (a product that is flammable) to vandalise the garage's walls.

As such, if you wish to avoid the financial and personal woes associated with a severely vandalised or burnt-down garage, you should ensure that your broken door is fixed before you go away.

The broken door could injure any neighbours that come over to check up on your property

If the door to your garage is badly broken and you decide not to ask a tradesman to fix it before your trip, it is possible that the door could injure someone.

For example, if you have a metal garage door, which has developed a severe case of rust that has caused the handles and base to become extremely jagged, and you have asked a neighbour to check on your property every few days, they could experience a very deep laceration when attempting to open the garage door. Due to the presence of the rust on this object, they might not only have to have their hand-wound sutured but might also have to get a tetanus shot. If you want to ensure that this does not happen, you must get the repair work that the door needs carried out before your trip.

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