How to Ensure Your Garage Door Motor Lasts Long

Your garage door system consists of several parts that include motors, door locks, hinges, wheels, springs, brackets, electric beams, remote controls, etc. The garage door motor is the heart of the garage door system because it is responsible for movement. You can expect the garage door motor to last for around 10-15 years if well-maintained. Note a few things you need to do to ensure your garage door motor gives you service for a long time.


If you are purchasing your garage door system, consider the warranty offered. Does it cover a year or more than four years? The higher the number of years, the more confident the company is that the motor is of good quality. Choose a motor with a warranty for over four years. At times, you might come across a warranty measured in terms of cycles. A cycle is the act of opening or closing the garage door. For example, if you find a warranty that offers 12,000 cycles, it means the warranty is valid for 12,000 opens and closes.

Maintenance and Repairs

A garage door motor's condition and performance rely on the other parts of the garage door system. Therefore, if you maintain the other parts indicated above, you ensure the motor is maintained. The motor may require lubrication and inspection as well.

You might have heard that garage door springs need to be maintained frequently. The motor, with the help of the springs, pulls your door open and also pushes it shut. Lubrication is required, and so is re-tensioning.

Avoid DIY re-tensioning. Springs are risky because they can break. If they break, they can be propelled at a high velocity. If you are in the path of such a spring, you can get severely injured or die. Again, if the garage door is open when a spring breaks, it can come down fast. You don't want to be under the door.

Always hire skilled professionals to repair or handle risky maintenance work. You can handle easy maintenance tasks such as lubrication and cleaning.


You might not have the experience of identifying particular problems with your garage door. Have a professional inspect your garage door regularly. The manufacturer should have stated the frequency of inspection in the manual. This helps you catch potential problems early and avoid major damage.

If you feel or sense that there could be a problem with your garage door motor, don't assume the feeling. Contact your garage door repair or inspection specialist to ease your mind. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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