Various Opening Mechanisms For Garage Doors

Garage doors open and close in a variety of ways. Which you select for your home depends on the spatial layout of the garage and your aesthetic preferences. Here are several styles to consider. 

Roller Doors

Roller doors consist of a corrugated curtain that rolls up into a bundle at the top of the garage opening. The advantage of this movement is that the curtain runs neatly upwards, which means you can park as close to the garage as you like before opening it. You don't need to allow outward swinging space. However, this design does need ample vertical space between the top of the entryway and the ceiling to contain the rolled-up curtain. These models are available in assorted profiles and colours, letting you contrast or blend your garage with your home's cladding, trim or roof.

Tilt Doors

Hinged, tilting garage doors arc upwards when they open. This movement requires free space in front, which means you'll need to park further back before operating the garage. Consisting of a flat panel that swings, they're available in diverse materials, ranging from timber to aluminium. Without the corrugations of a roller door, the design possibilities are more varied, with a selection of panel designs and shades to choose from. Once open, the door partly overhangs inside the garage, and this action requires adequate space across the ceiling. 

Sectional Doors

A series of conjoined panels make up the structure of a sectional door. Tracks run along the entryway sides and across the ceiling, and the door opens with the panels sliding upwards and then horizontally along the ceiling tracks. When open, it sits parallel to the roof, so you need to allow space for the structure. If your garage doesn't have much headroom, space between the entryway and ceiling, a sectional door can provide an ideal solution—it doesn't need as much vertical space as a roller door. You will have a range of finishes and materials to select from when installing one of these doors. Upper panels can feature transparent sections or decorative elements for added interest, breaking up the uniformity of the surface.

Flex A Doors

These models combine the corrugated nature of a roller door with the track system of a sectional door. Rather than rolling into a bundle, the curtain glides upwards and across the ceiling tracks. This style often uses steel that is available in a range of attractive nature-inspired and traditional hues.

For more information, contact a garage door company.

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