Smart Door Options You Should Consider

When you begin looking at new garage doors, one of the options you will find are wireless connected or smart doors. There are several options available for this type of door. Before you grab a kit or call your garage door installation contractor, there are some things you should know. Here are a few of the key points you should know about your wireless or smart options and how each point can benefit your needs.

Multiple Remotes

One of the leading points to know about using wireless or smart connected garage doors is that you have the ability to use multiple remotes. This is because the remotes are an app located on your smartphone or tablet device. Anyone in your family or home can download the application and use an access code. The code will allow them to use their phone as a remote for the garage door. This reduces the chance of losing your door remotes since the only replacement you would need is the application if you lose your phone. 

Automated Features

If you know you will be leaving the home or arriving at home at specific times then a smart connected garage door is ideal. You can use the application to set the time for your doors. This means you can set, multiple times within the app to open and close the door. This is ideal if you know someone without the remote will be visiting, like a child visiting from university. The door can automatically open at a specific time allowing them into the garage and home.

Security Camera

Some of the smart connected garage doors will offer a security camera feature. This feature means you can check your garage door and home from your phone or tablet. You can use the application to connect with your address and look over the property. You can see if someone is trying to get into the property, if there is damage to the door, or if there are other issues you need to take care of. The security camera can also allow you to set alarm options such as contacting you if there is an attempted break-in. 

If you feel that having a smart connected or wireless connected garage door is ideal for your home, contact your installation contractor. They can help you with the options as well as with pricing. They can also help with suggestions for upgrades and for security features that may work well for you.

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