Three Common Opening Mechanisms For Garage Doors

When looking for a new garage door, as well as choosing a material, you need to select an opening style. Which you opt for depends on the space and layout of your garage and your preferences. Consider these various types below. 

Roller Doors

If you want the freedom to drive up close to your garage before opening, a roller door provides an excellent option. Consisting of a corrugated metal curtain, it opens by rolling upwards into a tight overhead bundle. To install this model, you need adequate headroom, the space between the ceiling and the top of the garage entryway. This style provides flexibility in your day-to-day use, as it doesn't need outward swinging space. You don't need to adjust your behaviour by moving back before opening.

Tilt Doors

Tilt doors, on the other hand, need space in front as they open by pivoting outwards and upwards. You need to keep the area in front clear when operating. Because they consist of a single panel that doesn't need build-in engineering to bend and role up, these doors come in a wide variety of designs and materials. Timber, aluminium and vinyl provide several possibilities. Once open, the door sits in a horizontal position that extends into the garage, so the ceiling area needs to accommodate this. Make sure that lights and electrical elements don't block the space.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors consist of about six to eight horizontal panels that connect as one. This style opens by sliding upwards along tracks at the entryway sides and up across the garage ceiling. The sections allow the door to bend as it glides along the tracks and curves to extend horizontally. It requires free horizontal ceiling area to do this. Beneficially, though, it doesn't need as much vertical headroom as a roller door. Whether that matters depends on the dimensions of your space. Panels within sectional doors use a wide variety of materials, and the designs of each section can vary within the one door. For instance, upper panels can feature transparent window elements or other decorative details. 

When selecting the colour of your garage door, refer to the hue of other elements on your home's facade, such as the guttering, front door, window trim or fencing, and make sure to coordinate the opening with the entire landscape. No matter how they operate, most doors come in diverse shades and designs to complement various home architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary.

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