Key Features of Top Quality Cyclone Shutters

Choosing the right roller shutters is critical to protecting your home from the devastating effects of extreme weather conditions. The reason for this is that storm speeds can pick up fast and cause significant damage to your property due to debris. By investing in top quality cyclone shutters, you guarantee that critical points around your house are protected from flying debris. How, then, do you choose the right cyclone shutter? This article highlights vital features to look out for in top-quality cyclone shutters.

High-Tech Fabric

Gone are the days when the only option homeowners had was a hurricane-resistant roller shutter that didn't allow any light in. Although these shutters offer adequate protection, they do not allow light through, thereby rendering protected rooms less pleasant. The fact that there is a storm outside doesn't mean that everything should come to a standstill. Unfortunately, this is precisely the kind of environment that traditional hurricane-resistant roller shutters create. If you want life to go on normally during a hurricane, then invest in cyclone roller shutter made from high tech fabric that allows a bit of natural light to enter inside a space. That said, you should ensure that the material can handle high-velocity impacts from flying debris and still permit natural light flow.

Cyclone Rating

When buying protective equipment, choose one with a rating that indicates compliance with industry standards. The same applies to cyclone shutters. Since hurricanes are categorised by speed, then buying cyclone shutters with the correct rating is essential to achieving the protective role you're looking for. However, you have to be careful when ordering your roller shutters from a manufacturer because you must provide information regarding the highest wind speeds in your area. The good news is that this information is readily available on weather sites. Once you find out the average wind speeds in your locality, you can go ahead and choose cyclone shutters with a slightly higher wind speed rating. For instance, if winds reach 150 mph during a storm, then the right cyclone shutters must be rated 150 mph or higher.

Relatively Large Headbox

The exposed portion of a shutter is housed inside a headbox. During operation, the curtain is pulled down and locked into place. However, the curtain must be a reasonable distance away from a window or door. This prevents any deflection on the curtain resulting from high impact winds; when not prevented, such a deflection might break the glass panes behind the curtain. Therefore, you must assess the size of the headbox or risk buying a cyclone shutter whose curtain can quickly damage the windows and doors in the event of a deflection.

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