See What to Do When Entry to Your Garage Becomes an Uphill Task

Garage door openers play a critical role in the proper functioning of your garage door system, and they last for years. Like any other machine, a garage door opener will malfunction, requiring repair or replacement. Problems with garage door openers are easily identifiable as long as you know what signs to watch out for so you can request for help from a professional technician. Below are typical signs that your garage door opener is failing:

Sporadic Garage Door Opening and Reversing

A common sign of a failed garage door opener is that your garage doors seem to have a mind of their own. This problem is an often occurrence for units that have the safety eye feature. Faulty electronics within the opener cause intermittent door opening and reversing. The best solution is replacing the unit compared to trying to repair an old unit. Sporadic operation is a warning that the opener is failing. After several times of pushing the remote, the door finally opens. Once you have to do this several times, it is time you call in a professional.

Unusual Noises

Old model garage door openers seem like they are made to be noisy, especially obnoxious and loud chain drives. The noisy, rattling drive chains become your signal that someone is opening the garage doors. These vibrating and slack chains are a sure sign that it is time you get a new garage door opener. The electric motors make loud noises the nearer they get to their end. While replacing the motor will somehow solve the problem, don't forget the entire system is still on its last leg. The only way you can remedy these noises is by replacing the whole system.

Old Model Garage Door Opener

Older models that have racked up more than 15 years of service tend to have frequent problems. The best cure is purchasing a newer, more efficient unit. If the opener does not have safety eyes, get a replacement as soon as possible. Newer models have advanced security features that are either built-in or as optional upgrades. Do not wait until your insurance company requires you to upgrade the garage door opener if it offers thieves a means of entering your home.

You should always leave any repairs and replacements of garage door openers to those with professional training. The openers have different working parts. Further, handling these parts without professional training puts you and your family in danger every time they use the door.

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