5 Reasons to Install Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are efficient garage doors made of quality materials such as colour bond steel. They have quality hinges and an operating system that ensures that the roller door rolls up and down on its track smoothly. Due to the way their metals are made, roller garage doors have a ribbed appearance. While they're primarily for security, they are also quite pleasing to look at. Continue reading for 5 benefits of roller doors.

You Have Increased Garage Space

Since they open vertically, garage roller doors are an excellent choice for a short driveway. This allows you to maximize the space available in the garage since you can store your vehicle and other items right up against the door. The door also folds right up in the overhead space above the entrance of your garage. This maximizes the height space available within your garage. 

You Have the Option of Automatic Motors

You can always opt to have your garage roller door automate. Automatic garage roller doors are much easier to use for all people regardless of their age. Additionally, their automatic feature makes them safer. Installing a battery-powered door sensor for your garage door will help to easily keep your garage door secure. The automatic system used on garage roller doors can adjust when needed, to offset an uneven floor. As a result, your garage roller door does not reopen, putting your mind at ease since all your belongings are much safer. 

Your Items Are Less Vulnerable to Damage

Due to their manufacture, garage roller doors increase security in your garage. They're made out of folded or corrugated sheets. The corrugated sheets add extra strength and stiffness to the shutters ensuring that even in the case of impact, they're not prone to damage. Additionally, the impact resistance and strength increase security to your garage. 

You Can Customize Them to Complement Your Home

Roller garage doors are available in various finishes and colours, allowing you to complement your home. You can match the finishing and colour of your garage door with that of the doors and windows in your home. They're available in plain colours, metallic finishes, corrugated fibreglass and woodgrain finishes, among others. The customization can be done down to the lighting, helping to improve the appearance of your home's exterior, while adding some extra security. 

Your Garage Is Weatherproof and Well Insulated

Compared to other types like tilt-up doors, roller garage doors prevent snow or rain from entering your garage. The doors are well insulated with a rubber seal to control pests, dust, or weather elements from entering your garage. When well fitted, they also keep your garage warm and free of noise and draughts, while reducing heat loss.

Roller doors are an excellent long term solution for your garage door. They're both aesthetically pleasing and secure, giving you peace of mind for many years.

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