Critical Benefits of Stacking Garage Doors

In most homes, a garage door also serves as a secondary entrance into the house. Thus, it is only logical to choose a garage door carefully. Notably, garage doors come in different designs, and stacking models are proving to be a hit with many homeowners. As the name suggests, a stacking garage door comprises sectionalised parts that stack onto each other when opened. If you have been thinking about replacing your garage door, it is advisable to consider a stackable design. This article highlights the major benefits of stacking garage doors.

Saves Space

The most significant benefit of stacking garage doors is their small footprint. Unlike traditional overhead garage doors that take up a significant portion of a garage roof, stacking doors requires minimal headroom. Notably, the design helps stack panels on each other at the top of a doorway. Thus, the design allows you to use the overhead space for other things such as storage. Besides, the small footprint of a stacking garage door means that it can fit in nearly any doorway. As a result, stacking garage doors can be installed in the smallest garage you can think of.

Curb Appeal  

In the past, garage doors were simply functional entryways and nothing more. However, things have recently changed since homeowners consider aesthetics when installing garage doors in their homes. Notably, if you want a garage door to improve your curb appeal, a stacking model is the perfect option. The doors come in multiple shades while some variants have individual panels coloured differently, giving them a unique modern touch rather than a bland single colour. Furthermore, a glazed stacking door allows a homeowner to open up a garage to the outdoors, thanks to the absence of unsightly overhead tracks.

Low Maintenance

A traditional tracked garage door requires significant maintenance work to keep it functioning optimally at all times. The maintenance includes regular cleaning to eliminate debris from the tracks and greasing the rails to maintain smooth gliding. With stacking garage doors, you do not have to worry about such high-level maintenance. The folding system eliminates the need for overhead rails, making a stacking garage door low maintenance. Furthermore, the balancing springs on tracked garage doors are another component that requires regular maintenance to prevent malfunction. However, the absence of balancing springs in stacking doors mitigates frequent maintenance needs. Most importantly, it helps keep the costs of operating a garage door low.

For more information about stacking doors, contact a local supplier.

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